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Smile spills


Marutsune tofu that

makes you smile and happy



There is a traditional "Namashibori Process" that brings out the original taste of tofu.
With kindness to domestic soybean producers.
With kindness to employees who make tofu.
And, with the kindness to each and every customer who eats, from Chiryu City Aichi Prefecture , we will deliver a delicious time with a smile on your face.

How our tofu is made

Marutsune is made using natural bittern by a traditional method called "Namashibori Process", which is the original method of making tofu. The "raw squeezing method" does not use soybean peels or sprouts that contain bitter and astringent ingredients. The result is a very thick soymilk, a mellow, slightly sweet and soft tofu.

​Tofu Recipes



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