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Aiming for the delicious old-fashioned tofu, we started the "Namashibori Process" 35 years ago. The "raw squeezing method" is still the mainstream method in China, the birthplace of tofu. Tofu is eaten as a staple food in China. Therefore, it is made by the "raw squeezing method", which dislikes bitterness and astringency. However, you cannot make a lot of tofu from the same soybeans. 35 years ago, with the cooperation of the laboratory of Tohoku University, we scientifically analyzed and developed bitterness and astringency. As for the machines in the factory, we independently developed machines for other purposes such as milk and machines for squeezing fruit juice with the cooperation of manufacturers, and finally completed the only mass production factory in Japan using the "Namashibori Process".

Company Name
Marutsune Co., Ltd.
(Trademark registration: No. 5081022)
2-3 Urajinkiri, Ushita-cho, Chiryu-shi, Aichi
February 1975 (founded in 1960)
Representative Director
Tsunenori Kondo
10 million yen
Number of employees
50 people
TEL: 0566-81-1141 (representative)
FAX: 0566-82-4624
Obtained JFS-B certification
Product (group): tofu, soy milk,
Delicatessen (egg tofu, tea bowl), fried tofu

History of Marutsune

Manufacture and sale of founded tofu and fried tofu

Side dish factory completed

Established Marutsune Co., Ltd.

Ushida factory completed

Completion of raw squeezed tofu

Trademark registration: No. 5190836

Aseptic tofu completed

Completion of sterile silk tofu


Manufacture and sale of soy milk dessert

Completion of soymilk beverage factory

Completed chilled distribution center

Manufacture and sale of tofu as it is

Completion of the 2nd chilled distribution center

Completion of the 3rd chilled packaging factory

Manufacture and sale of raw squeezed silk thickening and cancer

HACCAP introduction JFS-B

August 1960

October 1971

February 1975

November 1977

February 1984

November 2008

October 2001

March 2003

June 2004

February 2006

February 2008

August 2010

May 2013

July 2017

Reiwa February 2002

​ -

2-3 Urajinkiri, Ushita-cho, Chiryu-shi, Aichi

【Traffic access】
Car: 1 minute from Ushita IC From Train:"Chiryu" station on the Meitetsu main line
10 minutes by taxi

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